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On a list of favorite things to do, no one ever includes – go to the dentist. That is unless you’re going to Omaha Laser Dentistry. Finding a great family dentist is as important as having a great family physician. Right from the start, you’ll see there’s a difference in your care here at Omaha Laser Dentistry. We focus on a more personalized experience by taking the time to talk and listen to you. Our goal is to change the way people feel about oral health care. We strive to create a patient experience that is all about you.

At Omaha Laser Dentistry, we offer a full range of services from teeth cleaning and oral exams to cosmetic procedures and even oral surgery. As our name says, we’re also the leader in providing laser dentistry. That means using the latest technology to make even the most advanced dental care easier on the patient, with fewer treatments, no additional trips to a different specialist, greater comfort during the procedure and faster healing times.

Omaha Family Dentistry’s own Dr Tony Bolamperti has been practicing for more than 20 years and has patients who include multiple generations of the same family. Using the latest laser dentistry, he and his team provide the full range of services from exams and teeth cleaning to oral surgery, dental implants, smile design, gum treatments, root canals, Solea Sleep for Snoring and more.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best dental care in Omaha that starts with YOU! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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  Near N 154th St, Omaha, NE 68116

Scheduling regular dental surgery and dentist with Omaha Laser Dentistry in Omaha are the most important ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

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Phil Schreier
Phil S.
Google reviews

  Near Sherwood Ave, Omaha, NE 68116

If you're searching for an experienced and friendly dentist near your home or work, check out Omaha Laser Dentistry in Omaha today!

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Michael Hendrick
Michael H.
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  Near Hawthorne Ave, Omaha, NE 68154

What is laser dentistry? Laser Dentistry uses lasers instead of drills that are minimally invasive. Call the leader in laser dentistry in Omaha today!

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Jasmine Brown
Jasmine B.
Google reviews

First off, let me say how awesome Jennifer is for helping me to get in right away. One of my biggest insecurities WAS my smile. I literally just found out that gingivectomies are a thing. I got in so fast and I finally have a mature smile. If you don’t like your gummy smile, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Dr. Anthony. He is an artist of the oral cavity, let’s just say. Lol! I haven’t stopped looking at my smile since I have been home. This was life changing. My confidence has sky rocketed. It was his reviews that sold me. Then it was the sweetest staff and affordable care that will be why I will bring my baby to them for check ups. I could go on an on but I will end it by saying I can’t possibly thank them enough. Oh don’t let me forget to mention I was called the same evening after my procedure and they made sure I was feeling ok. Talk about above and beyond.

  Near Lloyd St, Omaha, NE 68144

If you're searching for an experienced and friendly dentist near your home or work, check out Omaha Laser Dentistry in Omaha today!

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Patricia Moran
Patricia M.
Google reviews

Great experience as always. Professional, friendly and always willing to help. Love the modern equipment plus the laser that Dr. Bolamperti uses. See you for my laser surgery In August. Thanks for caring and keeping up on technology.

  Near S 167th Avenue Cir, Omaha, NE 68130

Learn more about pain and anesthesia-free treatments using laser dentistry from our team at Omaha Laser Dentistry in Omaha.

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Jordan Forehead
Jordan F.
Google reviews

I went to Omaha Laser Dentistry for gum contouring. I had always been self conscious of my smile because my gums were uneven and puffy. They got me in right away because my wedding was coming up in June and they wanted to make sure it was healed and looking great for my wedding. Dr. Bolemparti was incredibly thorough and explained everything from the process to the technology. He was clearly very passionate about what he did and wanted me to be happy with the outcome. They called the evening after the prouder to check in and make sure I was feeling good. I couldn’t even believe it. Not only was my experience there ten stars but the phone call was over the top. They truly care about their patients! I felt this simple and painless procedure was life changing for me. I would pay ten times over for what they did for my smile! Thank you Omaha Laser Dentistry!

  Near Browne St, Douglas County, NE 68116

Omaha Laser Dentistry in Douglas County provides the personalized dental care you need to achieve your dental health and cosmetic goals. Call Now!

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Exixia Ortega
Exixia O.
Google reviews

Dr. Tony and Jennifer are God sents for my daughter. They were able to diagnose and treat her in such a fast and painless manner it was amazing. I absolutely recommend them to any momma out there struggling. They really do go above and beyond from their care to their aftercare. Everything was explained in a manner we would get it. It is worth the travel to get this done from them personally.

  Near Blondo Pkwy, Omaha, NE 68022

Imagine getting fillings without needles and drilling or experiencing the benefits of the best precision, fastest healing times, painless, most cost-effective care with fewer visits.

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Brionna West
Brionna W.
Google reviews

Dr. Bolamperti and his wife took great care of my little baby. He had a tongue tie and was struggling to nurse at 9 weeks old. They got him in immediately and used the laser to fix his lip and tongue tie. They were completely supportive and even texted me to follow up on him. I thought my baby had colic but within a week of the correction he hardly ever fussed and was so happy. So thankful I took him in! The laser is safer and less traumatic in my opinion than cutting it with scissors. Highly recommend new mommas going to them immediately if their baby has a tongue or lip tie

  Near Lafayette Ave, Douglas County, NE 68022

From children to adults, we're changing the way people feel about their gum disease treatment by creating a patient experience that's all about you.

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Jake Fisher
Jake F.
Google reviews

I’m really impressed with Dr. Bolamperti and the whole staff. The office is very clean and welcoming. The examination and treatment was very thorough and clearly explained. The financial obligation was very straightforward with no surprises. Top notch

  Near Timber Lane Dr, Omaha, NE 68022

Are you looking for a dental surgery that helps keep your preventative care on track? Contact us today for the best teeth whitening!

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Wendy Hofman
Wendy H.
Google reviews

This office really impressed me with the way they do everything possible to make a dental procedure a peaceful and painless process. I had a frenectomy, and the staff was all very kind, professional, did everything with excellence. They made me feel like

  Near Mcbreen Cir, Boys Town, NE 68010

Do you have a smile that doesn't make you smile? Don't worry; Omaha Laser Dentistry in Boys Town can help! Dr. Tony Bolamperti's specialty area is dental implants with the use of lasers.

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adison keeton
adison k.
Google reviews

Dr. Bolamperti and his team are awesome and provide amazing customer service! I got gum contouring done with the laser and loved the final result! Super friendly staff and they go above and beyond with all your dentistry needs.100% recommend!!


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