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On a list of favorite things to do, no one ever includes – go to the dentist. That is unless you’re going to Omaha Laser Dentistry. Finding a great family dentist is as important as having a great family physician. Right from the start, you’ll see there’s a difference in your care here at Omaha Laser Dentistry. We focus on a more personalized experience by taking the time to talk and listen to you. Our goal is to change the way people feel about oral health care. We strive to create a patient experience that is all about you.

At Omaha Laser Dentistry, we offer a full range of services from teeth cleaning and oral exams to cosmetic procedures and even oral surgery. As our name says, we’re also the leader in providing laser dentistry. That means using the latest technology to make even the most advanced dental care easier on the patient, with fewer treatments, no additional trips to a different specialist, greater comfort during the procedure and faster healing times.

Omaha Family Dentistry’s own Dr Tony Bolamperti has been practicing for more than 20 years and has patients who include multiple generations of the same family. Using the latest laser dentistry, he and his team provide the full range of services from exams and teeth cleaning to oral surgery, dental implants, smile design, gum treatments, root canals, Solea Sleep for Snoring and more.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best dental care in Omaha that starts with YOU! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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  Near N 156th Avenue Cir, Bennington, NE 68007

Oral hygiene is vital to an individual's overall health and well-being. Contact Omaha Laser Dentistry in Bennington today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Bennington.

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Jim Laughlin
Jim L.
Google reviews

They're always there to help. They didn't have to put a temporary resin on my broken veneer but it's Christmas time and I told them it'd be nice to have something to make me look decent. Tony said "We have time, no problem". Wow, perfect color match and I'll be in 2 weeks from now to get molds done and do this right. Great team!

  Near Cw Hadan Dr, Bennington, NE 68007

If you're looking for an experienced dental exam in the Bennington area, call Omaha Laser Dentistry in Bennington for the best dental care. Schedule an appointment today!

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Sarah Foster
Sarah F.
Google reviews

We had the best experience at Omaha Laser Dentistry. My daughter had a filling fall out after some recent dental work done by a different dentist. I called Omaha Laser Dentistry, after reading they can do fillings without shots (which is awesome!). From my first conversation with the receptionist, to meeting the hygienist, the Dentist and his wife, we were treated with so much kindness and high quality of care. The entire process of putting in a new filling went amazing and her tooth feels so much better. I am so thankful we found them and will definitely be going back.

  Near Cedar Dr, Waterloo, NE 68069

Our Award-winning dentists and staff provide outstanding patient experiences and premium dentistry in a relaxing setting. Schedule an appointment with Omaha Laser Dentistry in Waterloo today!

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terry leahy
terry l.
Google reviews

Great staff, always friendly. Appointments are on time, very little waiting. Dr Tony is thorough and extremely concerned that patient is comfortable and without pain. Laser dentistry is fantastic.

  Near Kelsey Ln, Waterloo, NE 68069

If you're searching for an experienced and friendly dentist near your home or work, check out Omaha Laser Dentistry in Waterloo today!

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josh yambor
josh y.
Google reviews

Best place around. Dr. Tony and his staff are second to none.

  Near Agee Ln, Waterloo, NE 68069

Restorative dentistry is a must if you require dental care. Dr. Bolamperti's technology expertise will make the best experience for you and your family.

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Karin Ashley
Karin A.
Google reviews

I am so glad I found this office! I've struggled for 9 years to find a provider that really understands tongue ties and can treat them appropriately. Dr. Bolamperti is knowledgable and committed to getting excellent results for his patients. He is thorough, thoughtful, flexible, honest, and kind. He was patient with with my young children as we went through the process of revising their tongue ties. It's a comfort to know he wants great, long-term results, so we don't have to go through yet another revision. He takes the time to get it right. His staff was helpful and kind, they made us feel at home in their space. We are lucky to have a provider like this in Nebraska, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to this office.

  Near J C Robinson Blvd, Waterloo, NE 68069

Are you looking for the best dentist in Waterloo? Look no further than Omaha Laser Dentistry in Waterloo. We are dedicated to helping Waterloo residents achieve their perfect smiles and improve their dental health.

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Leandra Walters
Leandra W.
Google reviews

Went in last year for a consultation about possibly replacing two silver amalgam fillings using the laser. I, unfortunately, decided to get the fillings replaced under IV sedation due to my anxiety at another practice. However, I am planning on returning sometime to get a front filling replaced and any other restorations that may need to be done. The technology is truly amazing! Laser tooth restoration should be more widespread since they allow the dentist to save more tooth structure vs traditional drilling to my knowledge. Dr. Bolamperti was extremely kind and clearly answered all my questions. Will certainly return!

  Near Madison St, Waterloo, NE 68069

At Omaha Laser Dentistry in Waterloo, our practice is designed with your comfort in mind so that you can relax during treatment. We are dedicated to providing you with the best dental care in Waterloo.

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Jonathan and Emily Drake
Jonathan and Emily D.
Google reviews

They are amazing!!! Fixed my newborns tongue tie right out of the hospital, and have done a great job with everyone in my family for regular cleanings! Honest with no scams or ridiculous mark ups. They are the best!

  Near Ida St, Valley, NE 68064

Omaha Laser Dentistry in Valley utilizes laser technology to help with exams and cleanings, root canal therapy, and dental implants. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Kristin Rys
Kristin R.
Google reviews

  Near Laurel Cir, Valley, NE 68064

We're changing how people feel about their oral health care by creating a patient experience that's all about you, from children to adults. Eliminate the stress and contact Omaha Laser Dentistry in Valley today!

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Ebony Sweeney
Ebony S.
Google reviews

Very knowledgeable and attentive team here. They genuinely care about my dental health and are always willing to take time to explain things to me. I've never felt rushed no matter how busy they are.

  Near E Sunset St, Valley, NE 68064

Does the thought of the dentist give you anxiety? At Omaha Laser Dentistry in Valley, we utilize lasers to help recovery times and less drill time. This fast procedure eliminates the stress and uncomfortable nature of traditional dentistry.

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Russ Lane
Russ L.
Google reviews

Staff always makes me feel like I’m a priority. Pleasant but honest communication every time I visit. Overall great experience!


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